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Tanach on Demand [beta]
PDF from multiple verses

Use this page to create your own custom Tanach printout. (You may also be interested in creating a graphics file from a verse of Tanach.)

The way it works is this: You choose which verses you want from which book and the style in which you want them printed. Then this server instantly creates a PDF file with exactly what you requested.

You can download as many printouts as you want, as often as you want.

If you want a feature that isn't here, or if you find a problem with this beta service, please contact liturgy@lashon.net.

Please contact webmaster@lashon.net with any technical questions.

(Please wait 30 seconds after asking for your printout.)
Tanach Verses:

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I want vowels.
I want trope.


8-pt type
9-pt type
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(More coming soon.)

I want verse numbers.
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Graphics files from a single verse.
Downloading help.
How to use graphics images.
FAQ (coming soon)
View Tanach verses on your screen.
Put the weekly Torah portion on your website.

Some of the trope marks overlap some of the vowels. We know. We're working on fixing this.

In keeping with modern typographic conventions, when a cholam chaser appears next to another dot (for example, to mark a shin,) both dots are printed. This is often very helpful.

In keeping with Masoretic documents, the dot indicating that a vav is a cholam is printed next to the vav, not directly over it. This probably isn't what you want. We're working on it.

To help reduce abuse, we have limited this system to 200 verses. If you need more, let us know.

Our text comes mostly from the Leningrad Codex and BHS. If you think you've found a typographic error, please let us know.



We used to offer PostScript and GIF options. If you think you need either of these, let us know.

Programmed by Dr. Joel M. Hoffman