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Custom on-line Liturgy

This is an experimental service, designed to offer custom on-line Hebrew liturgy.

Quick links:

  • Create your own Tikkun! (This is experimental.)
  • One-click access to this week's Torah portion. (This week's portion is .)

We offer "Tanach on Demand," and "Mishna on Demand," which let you print out any Hebrew section from the Tanach (Bible, also sometimes called the Hebrew Bible or the Old Testament) or from the Mishna. You can add vowels, trope marks, or both, and choose the font and font size.

You can also create your own custom on-line Tikkun, that is, a side-by-side chart with the text of your choosing. One side has just the consonants in Torah script; the other side has vowels and trope.

We also offer a variety of song sheets, including Hanukah song sheets, and coming soon, Shabbat song sheets. You can choose which songs you want and how you want them displayed.

Coming soon: Custom Birkat haMazon printouts! (The full Birkat haMazon is available from here.)

These are free services.

Send comments, suggestions, etc. to liturgy@lashon.net.